Mental Well-Being

Supporting students and families, providing resources for mental well-being.

Monthly Staff & Community Mental Well-Being Series

District staff and families are invited to attend monthly presentations sponsored by the district, in conjunction with district partners, that are focused on mental well-being. All 2019-20 event dates will take place from 7-8:30 p.m. in the District Center Community Room 112.

Adverse Childhood Experiences & Relational Trauma: What it is, how to identify it and how to heal from it

  • When: 7-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21
  • Presented by: Family Resource Recovery Experts (FRrē)
  • Description: In this interactive and engaging session, we will explore Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how these less than nurturing experiences affect your life today through organic disease, social malfunction, behavioral issues and mental illness. You will learn the criteria in the ACE screening and also be able to identify different types of trauma such as “big T” and “little t” trauma, generational and historical trauma. We will provide tips on how to build healthy boundaries in relationships that will foster resiliency and growth.

2019-20 event dates

December 19

Mental Health Issues and How We Can Make a Difference

  • Presented by: Certified Family Peer Specialist Michelle Uetz
  • Description: Michelle Uetz, a teacher and Certified Family Peer Specialist, will discuss mental illness from a personal, family member, parent and teacher perspective. Michelle has life experience in each of these areas and will share her knowledge and experience with attendees. Michelle will discuss warning signs, stigma, how to help teens, when behavior is "normal teen behavior" and when it is something to be concerned about, how teachers can create mental health-friendly classrooms, how parents can advocate for their child, mental health resources, self-care and suicide prevention.

January 16

Sitting in Circle: How to Support the Middle School Girl You Love

  • Presented by: Christina Nguyen, Dreaming Sky Coaching
  • Description: Middle school is a turning point for our girls: no longer children, but not yet fully women. Anxiety runs high as they navigate big challenges like puberty, social media, academic pressure and more. At the same time, it’s often a turning point for parents and guardians as we face our own midlife crises. I invite you to sit in circle with me so we can consider different ways to guide our girls and ourselves. If you’ve never sat in circle, it’s a way of meeting with a focus on deep listening, non-judgment, and sharing respectfully. Together we can support each other and help our girls to become healthy, resilient, thriving young women.

February 13

Know the Truth

  • Presented by: Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge
  • Description: The 2010 Minnesota Student Survey found that 75% of the students who participated in the study received most of their information about drugs and alcohol from their friends. By becoming informed and learning to talk to your children, you can be sure that the information that they are getting is correct.

March 19

Grief and Loss

  • Presented by: Tony Del Percio with Bradshaw Funeral and Cremation Services

April 16

Cell Phone use Awareness

  • Presented by: Maree Hampton and KK Myers with LiveMore

May 21

The Impact of Technology on Emerging Generations

  • Presented by: Jon D. Kirby, MA, LMFT
  • Description: Social media, online gaming and new technologies are changing the ways we interact, shaping our attention and influencing our values. In a hyper-connected world, it’s about time we start asking the question: how do we get the best of technology without technology getting the best of us?

Mental Well-Being Newsletter

The White Bear Lake Area Schools Social Work Team publishes a quarterly Mental Well-being Newsletter, "The Bear Facts." See the latest issue here.