Health & Attendance Contacts

Health & Attendance

Health Office

Hugo Health Aide:   Jackie Lashomb - 651-653-2622

Hugo Nurse:   Mary Hermans - 651-288-1804


Attendance Line

Absences:  651-653-2621

Early Release and Dismissal Request: 


Attendance Policy

Is My Child Well Enough?

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District Lice Procedure


Parent Resources

Drop off/Pick up Procedures

Please park in a parking spot in our main parking lot (Door A).  You can also park just past the fire hydrant parallel with the sidewalk.  If there are no spots available, DO NOT park anywhere you see yellow on the curb.  Our students are small and it makes it a real safety hazard if cars are parked in these areas. If the lot is full, please use the church parking lot next door instead.  In the winter time, a trail is plowed for your convenience.  

Following these procedures will help ensure the safety of our students at Hugo Elementary and will reduce the likelihood of an accident in the lot. Thank you for your compliance and help making Hugo Elementary a safe place for our children.

Family Handbook

Click here to download the Hugo & Oneka Student Handbook.

Attendance Policy

We monitor attendance each day to verify when and why children are absent.  A student is required by law to attend school.  If they miss a school day or part of the day, for legitimate reasons, a parent or guardian must notify the school.  A parent or guardian may seek an excused absence but the school administrator has the right to accept or deny an application for an excused absence.

Examples of excused absences include:

Sickness (a doctor's note may be required)

Medical or mental health appointments

Religious Holidays

Family Emergency

Examples of unexcused absences include:

- Missing the bus

- Need of sleep or rest

- Sporting Events

- Child is not immunized

If a child arrives after 10:00 a.m. or leaves school before 3:00 p.m. they will be considered absent for ½ of the day.  Three unexcused tardies will be considered ½ day unexcused absence.

Vacations must be pre-approved by the building administration.  Vacations may be considered unexcused if the family has been alerted to an attendance issue or if not preapproved by the building administration.  Washington County recommends to school districts to excuse only up to 5 vacation days outside the established breaks in the school calendar.  Schools are required to report excessive absences or 3 unexcused absences to Washington County.

We urge you to carefully consider circumstances that keep your child out of school.  Regular school attendance is related to the degree of success in school.  You will be notified when your child's attendance records indicate he/she has missed more than 10% of the school days in session.  If the absences continue, a doctor's statement verifying that your child is not to be in school may be required.

Please call the absence line before 9:00 a.m. to report if your child will be late or absent.

Hugo Elementary  


Should we not hear from you by 10 a.m., it is our practice to call your home or work number to determine the whereabouts of your child.